Tata Sumo Gold is a model of most powerful SUVs series and has been launched by Tata Motors Ltd in 2011 November. This new Tata model is particularly target young generation and has been designed with maximum advanced energy and torque, speedy acceleration, best fuel economy, and comfort power delivery. It is typically built to fulfill all A to Z necessities of roadsters.

By driving Tata Sumo Gold you can able to meet your friends, relatives and family whether they are in short or long distance in spending less budget in fuel. This car is absolutely good for everyday transportation. The young generation who dream to enjoy the car driving with hauling and towing of SUV will get this model best to fulfill their requirements. Defiantly expert roadies like this car appropriate their adventurous journey.

Tata Sumo Gold

Sumo Gold has all modern facilities to beat in market and make big troubles to other car makers. By spending little time on internet you will find list of Sumo Gold dealers. Vehicle owners can easily maintain this SUV in better condition for long time by simply doing service regular basis.


The plus point of Tata SUM Gold is part, all parts are high quality and available in auto markets in very reasonable price. The company has used some unique and advanced technology to make better quality and superior compare to its competitors in meaning of red handling and ride quality. Huge numbers of consumers are satisfied with its safety and reasonableness amenities
As all we know very well, Tata Motors Ltd has been well-famed for its legend models, pleasingly fulfilling the needs of different types of buyers. The automaker has launched some good range of models including Indica to reasonable car like Nano.

The Tata Gold SUM stylish and fuel efficient car has been designed to fulfill the different ranges of requirement of young generation consumers. Recently, it sells in two engines and four trim points. The engine includes compliant CR4 BS Turbo and BS3 Di Turbo motor engine. The LX, GX, EX and CX are four trim levels.

For improving driving performance, few models of Tata SUM Gold are powered by turbocharged and the intercooled compliant BS-IV engine which has ability 84 bhp energy at 3,000 rpm and 250 Nm of torque at 1,600 rpm. To reach zero kmph to 60 kmph it need only 9,3 seconds.

In order to enhance performance of engine, this model made up with standard anti-roll bars, McPherson strut suspension, double wishbone suspension and five-speed manual transmission. Only need 11.7 seconds to accelerate zero to 60 kmph and for zero to 100 kmph require 34.5 seconds. The turbo CR4 diesel engine provides outstanding mileage about 14.7 kmpl where buyer will get 14.3 kmpl in the Di Turbo diesel engine.

Tata Sumo Gold Review

If you will compare new version with previous version, defiantly you can find some advanced point. This current model is better stronger and designed with attractive exterior amenities. The SUV’s front end contains headlamp with update technique. The Tata motors log of this model is covered with large body colored grille and black mesh. The grill has very thin chrome plate that function its width and length, covering panels of two headlights.

The interior parts suitable to offer relaxed feeling and better performance. Passengers up to nine can comfortably journey in Tata SUM Gold. Passengers will get enough space to spread legs and arms and can store good amount of luggage as it has free space in rear section and also in between seats.
The other essential amenities that gives more relaxed both driver and passengers includes engine immobilizer, hydraulic clutch, keyless remote detonation and entry, lather-covered steering wheel, AC vents, power windows and many more.

Low fuel indicator feature provide exact oil status to driver. In order to create more safety while driving the Tata SUM Gold model has safety panel, new fog lights, seatbelts, engine immobilizer, door ajar warning.  Four variants of all doors contain high mount rear stop and intrusion side beams lights.